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Our bodies have the innate ability to naturally heal themselves. Our bodies are designed to be self healing and balanced. If you cut your finger, your body repairs itself. If you break a bone, your body mends it. If you get sick, your body strives to bring you back to health. Humans are incredibly resilient and adaptable. You are meant to thrive!


But sometimes we don't bounce back as quickly as we used to and we get out of balance. When we're out of balance then we get stuck in patterns of dealing with aches and pains, stress, anxiety, fatigue, burn out,  and dysfunction. Dysfunction can occur in other areas of our lives as well, in our relationships with others and our finances. This lack of balance in our body and our lives is often caused by stagnation and blocks in our own energy flow. B.E.S.T. helps to identify the blocks and remove them, allowing the body’s energy to flow freely and respond to present needs so the innate wisdom of the body can bring us back to a state of healing, balance, and feeling vital and energetic, so you're not just surviving, but thriving!​ 


Hands down one of the best and most unique energy work sessions I’ve ever experienced. Caryn radiates care and compassion even before she starts a session, making you feel comforted and calm. Then she takes her time to work, allowing true healing to begin. I’ve seen results within a week or two and it’s helped enhance my talk therapy sessions too, allowing for more introspection and reflection on what’s going on for me that my body is holding onto but my brain wasn’t aware of. Thank you, Caryn! - M.M.

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